Write-30 No.15

Old car body under debris

Rocket Car.

Cycling through the old woods you come across this beaten up car. It is rusty with peeling paint. Never being one to miss a bit of fun, you get off your bike and climb in the car. There is a key in the ignition so you give it a turn. What happens next?

STUCK?   Try this story starter:
Sarah peddled furiously through the old woods, taking pleasure in jumping over small mounds of earth and crashing down the other side. She came to a small clearing where there stood an old hulk of a car, all beaten up and rusty. Well, never being one to avoid a bit of fun, she hopped off her bike and clambered into the battered machine. Sarah settled herself into the driving seat. If only it worked, then what fun she would have. She glanced down to the ignition and was surprised to see the key in there. Shrugging, she gave it a turn. After all, what was the harm in that. Suddenly…

kofi flash button - Copy

What is Write – 30?
Write – 30 is a daily activity where you write non-stop for twenty minutes then check and edit your work for 10 minutes. You will be asked to write about different subjects and in different forms.

The writing should be done on lined paper in pencil if possible. Edit and check the work in pen. If you don’t have paper and pencil, use what you can. Even a computer.

Finding it difficult? What you can do to help:

  • Always sit/work in the same place
  • Always use the same writing tools
  • Always turn the TV off
  • No talking – it distracts thinking
  • Always listen to the same piece of classical music when writing.
  • Always set yourself a goal: count the number of words. Try to beat that number the following day.

Leave some word doodling!

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