Write-30 No.39

Blue button up long sleeve shirt

The Invisibility Cloak.

What if you got an invisibility cloak? What would you get up to? Where would you go? How would feel?  What might go wrong?

STUCK?   Try this story starter:
Uncle Mortimer had been a strange chap who was always trying out new ideas, inventing new things. And his house reflected that. Rooms full of cogs and gears attached to different sized boxes; vast collections of objects found on walks like rocks, sticks and even a dead pigeon; jars of liquids of numerous colours, some swirling, some almost a mist; and a room we were not allowed in. The Inventing Room. Of course, telling a nine year old you are not allowed in there meant Jamie was going to go in. And what a room. Papers and scrolls everywhere, on the floor, on the large desk in the centre of the room, and books lining the walls. It was a sea of paper. All except a wooden box sat on the desk on top of some papers.

What happens next?

DID YOU KNOW? The book serial about Harry Potter by JK Rowling has a boy that is given a magical coat of invisibility.

What is Write – 30?
Write – 30 is a daily activity where you write non-stop for twenty minutes then check and edit your work for 10 minutes. You will be asked to write about different subjects and in different forms.

The writing should be done on lined paper in pencil if possible. Edit and check the work in pen. If you don’t have paper and pencil, use what you can. Even a computer.

Finding it difficult? What you can do to help:

  • Always sit/work in the same place
  • Always use the same writing tools
  • Always turn the TV off
  • No talking – it distracts thinking
  • Always listen to the same piece of classical music when writing.
  • Always set yourself a goal: count the number of words. Try to beat that number the following day.

Leave some word doodling!

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