Write-30 No. 16


Look Who’s Talking.

Walking alone along a back street, you think nothing of it until you hear, “Be quiet. Someone is coming.” You look around but there is no body about except this cat and dog. Surely, it can’t be them talking?
What happens next?

STUCK?   Try this story starter:
As usual after school, I take the back street along Hatcher’s Gardens that curves around the corner of Mulligans Mews to get to my house. I like going that way at that time as the place is deserted and you can take your time to suck on a sweet and not be bothered by any other kids or people you know. Sometimes I just like the quiet. I was about half-way along when I hear, “Shhh! someone’s coming.” I glance about but there is no one there just a mangy old mutt and a dog-eared cat. Surely, it couldn’t be them. I go hesitantly towards them and peer closely. Suddenly the dog pipes up, “OK. What do you want?”

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What is Write – 30?
Write – 30 is a daily activity where you write non-stop for twenty minutes then check and edit your work for 10 minutes. You will be asked to write about different subjects and in different forms.

The writing should be done on lined paper in pencil if possible. Edit and check the work in pen. If you don’t have paper and pencil, use what you can. Even a computer.

Finding it difficult? What you can do to help:

  • Always sit/work in the same place
  • Always use the same writing tools
  • Always turn the TV off
  • No talking – it distracts thinking
  • Always listen to the same piece of classical music when writing.
  • Always set yourself a goal: count the number of words. Try to beat that number the following day.

POEM: My DoG Ned


My dog Ned
Has got no head
He has to talk
Using his bum instead
Brrrrp -Parrrp!


This short poem was came from a chat after listening to my daughter read. It was a Ruth Miskin text (notice, I don’t say story) called My Dog Ned. It was a joy to hear my daughter read but the book was something else (my opinions on such things have been said previously in a poem, Sownd et owt).
Anyway, I started to rhyme aloud a very silly poem about a dog called Ned for them.