Write-30 No.51

robot dog copy

Robot Dog.

Your Aunt sends you a present for your birthday. It is a robot dog. What does it look like? What does it do? What adventures do you have?

STUCK?   Try this story starter:
Aunt Petunia was a strange old fruit, according to mum, and an inventor to boot. So I knew the present would be a bit off the wall. But nothing prepared me quite for what was going to happen.
The parcel was delivered early on the Sunday by a courier. I was surprised he had to use a trolley for such a small red parcel but maybe he was just weak or unfit, although he didn’t look it being all muscle and thick neck. He clunked the box in the hall, said “Sign,” and then was off.
There was a neat label on the top. It said: ‘Every boy needs a pet. Here’s yours. Love Aunt Petunia.’
Mum was like, “God. I hope it isn’t a spider. I told her I can’t stand them.”
Which isn’t entirely true. She doesn’t like any animals. She’s scared of them all. Even ants. It’s like she doesn’t trust them. It as if she thinks at any moment they will attack and walk off with an arm. Ridiculous. So, that was why I didn’t have a pet. Unlike my friend Kevin who has 3 cats, 2 goldfish, 2 gerbils, 1 hamster and a snake. Why does Kevin get all the luck? But I had a feeling my luck was about to change.

What happens next?

DID YOU KNOW? There is  book called Your Robot Dog Will Die by Arin Greenwood about a girl called Nano who is given robot dogs to test to only have them taken away.

What is Write – 30?
Write – 30 is a daily activity where you write non-stop for twenty minutes then check and edit your work for 10 minutes. You will be asked to write about different subjects and in different forms.

The writing should be done on lined paper in pencil if possible. Edit and check the work in pen. If you don’t have paper and pencil, use what you can. Even a computer.

Finding it difficult? What you can do to help:

  • Always sit/work in the same place
  • Always use the same writing tools
  • Always turn the TV off
  • No talking – it distracts thinking
  • Always listen to the same piece of classical music when writing.
  • Always set yourself a goal: count the number of words. Try to beat that number the following day.