Hello and welcome to my website.
Here you will find slapped together all kinds of poems, stories and bits of stories that I hope you will enjoy.
Feel free to add your comments or ask questions about my work.

Well, I suppose I should say a bit about myself (some of which is true).
From early childhood I learnt the art of telling fibs. At first, they were just innocent little ones that were easily proven false, like “i didn’t do it” when everyone saw me tie the weights to the poor fleas feet. Then they became harder to challenge, such as the time I explained that a garackle-fargen from Xink had eaten my Geography Homework. This is quite easy to understand, after all garackle-fargens are very partial to dry subjects, particularly with a smattering of continents. Finally, I went on to the University of WhoppingLies and managed to achieve a 2:1 in Pre-Watershed Falsification.
Having displayed such a natural talent in all things fabricated, I  went (of course) into teaching and spent eighteen years attempting to instruct knukle-grazers in the art of standardised paper filling in a building in London. Suddenly, one day, I got hit by a bad case of the zoogles and decided I needed a change. So now I spend my time professionally telling GREAT BIG FIBS as well as instructing others in the art when visiting schools.

Again, welcome to my world.


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