hello and welcome to my website.
here you will find a selection of my work: short stories, flash fiction, prose poetry. you will also get an insight into what i’ve been up to, current interests, and thoughts. all will be related to writing or the process of writing. makes sense.
feel free to add your comments or ask questions about my work.

i have been writing since the age of ten when i got the reading bug and then wanted to create worlds of my own. i took a few years out when i began my teaching career. i just couldn’t find the time and energy to both work and write.

then about 15 years ago i crashed and burned following too many days burning the candle at both ends. something had to change. i needed to reassess and return to what was important to me. one of those things was writing. i joined the All Good Bookshop Writing Group and shared my work. it went down well with the group. from this came two children’s books: Wishbone Billy and Bad Elf. i continued to write.

then lockdown came. i found i couldn’t concentrate. so to try to get back into writing i started producing short pieces. prose poems. within a year i had written over 100 of them. this got me into writing a novel i had been thinking about for a time. a change of audience and tone.

what interests me as a writer? the darker elements of life. those on the fringe of acceptable society. those who fight the status-quo. the difference between the public face and the real you. city life and the capturing of moments. real or imagined. i like memorable characters that grab you and take you on exciting adventures. usually my novels are about those battling the norm and contain a darker fantastical version of reality. i also like presenting things as you haven’t seen them before.

as well as writing, i host spoken word nights at the All Good Bookshop where i perform some of my prose poetry or short stories. i also make podcasts about writing, books or of my work. i continue to work in education either teaching or doing author visits.

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