dark collection of poetry taking snapshots of modern life and its underbelly. take a peek at the couple failing to communicate over a cup of tea. look on at the lost of innocence or the aftermath of a death. and pause awhile considering the cycle or life. or just simply take a moment to enjoy the unsettling silence.

The writer takes us to deep places inside his soul and heart…’
Nick Gerard, author of “Lyrics without Music.”

 “..this collection of poems is not a light meal. Rather it is a heavy seven course helping
of the darker side of reality. Within lies the problems of adoption, suicide, prostitution and abduction. But these are
balanced by the more lighter elements concerned with drinking, drinking & a conversation over


two poems featured in Tuck Magazine (October 14, 2013) taken from my poetry collection: Screaming In A Vacuum Jar.


children’s books

A fantastical journey with elves, bears, some well-known fairy tale characters, and Father Christmas!

Most elves are happy, kind and love working for Santa making Christmas toys for good little girls and good little boys.
But not Bob.
He’s bad with a capital B-A-D.
And he is fed up. He is fed up with reindeers and making toys for that stupid red-clothed idiot. So he runs away.

Join Bob on his search to find a new job away from the North Pole in a world full of wacky, eccentric characters that will have you laughing out loud..

‘Really funny, silly characters and story. Lots of gross humour for my kid, he was roaring. Reckon this is perfect for 7+’


A non-stop, edge of your seat ride with Billy on his magical journey in search of new, better parents. Have your parents ever annoyed you? Have they ever done something you could never forgive? Well, Billy has annoying parents. In fact, he has the worse parents IN THE WORLD! They are lazy, selfish and cruel. His life is terrible. What can save him? One day, something magical happens: Billy gets a wishbone and wishes for new parents. But as everybody knows: you better be careful what you wish for. This book is full of eccentric, zany characters that will have you laughing out loud.

“This is a great book for the right age group, with the bit-gross, bit-rude, bit-nasty tone and imagination of Roald Dahl.”


short stories

Black and white typewriter on brown wooden table


a disturbing family secret is revealed as a father lies in hospital. (content warning – implied child harm). READ


a husband decides to solve the problem of being ignored. things don’t turn out as he planned. READ


a woman is driven to breaking point by her untidy husband. she decides to teach him a lesson he will never forget. READ


kevin is furious. a unwritten contract is broken nad he wants his just deserts. READ