POEM: Tick

Tick Tick
Tick Tick Tick
Search for a word
The hunt for a gem
An unpolished stone will not do
A crown sparkling full of sun’s light
Nothing less will make this dull poem shine
So I investigate the thesaurus as time drifts by

This poem came about as I was thinking of the struggle to find the right word as the pressure of time beats down. That pressure can lead to the mind not working, of drawing a blank and grinding to a halt, unable to progress. Writing needs to be without pressure. I also wanted to play with a constraining form so decided to write a poem where each line has one more word as it progresses downwards. This is the result. What do you think?

POEM: Words

Words are watching you
They gather your thoughts
They tell your secrets
They spread lies
and state truths
They can break a heart
They ruin friendships
or destroy an evening
Beware words
They can imprison you
or set you free

This poem came about as I was mindlessly watching tv and thinking of the impact that certain people’s words have had on others. It got me thinking about the power of words and how easily they can be misused to create harm.

POEM: Word Doodle

Words flutter
dance and jump
leaving magic trails
or distorted traces
but I don’t write
I just doodle with words
an idea unfinished
a thought half-remembered
a torrent of vocabulary
tumbling and crashing
fighting to be noticed
but I don’t write
I just doodle with words
a tale incomplete
distracted characters
in incomplete worlds
aimlessly wandering
a canvas waiting
the final brush
perhaps painting-by-numbers
is my thing?
I don’t write
I just doodle