2022 and all that

Well, 2022 brought a number of changes which impacted on what I write here. I have been submitting a new novel for consideration. But primarily, I have been writing a lot of prose-poetry. This has led me to the new outlet for my writing of Spoken Word.

What is Spoken Word?

Spoken word is when you perform any piece of writing to a group of people. It is often poetry but can be a story, monologue, or something else. It is quite flexible as to format.

Due to writing a lot of prose-poetry and sharing at my favourite writing group, I was encouraged to attend a Spoken Word night. I went along, sat, watched, then thought: I want to set up one of those. And where better than my favourite bookshop in my local area. So far they have been going well and I have been exposed to some great fresh writing that excites me and always leaves me thinking. Such a variety is on offer. All unique voices that should be heard.

Children love Spoken Word and enjoy writing poetry so it is a great thing to do for World Book Week. Why not start by enjoying watching some Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, John Hegley, Kate Tempest, or Anthony Joseph?

As well as Spoken Word, I have been plotting and writing another one. I have changed my approach and audience for it. I’m venturing somewhere new. It is challenging and exciting. I’m trying to apply some of the approaches I use for my prose-poetry to the novel writing. I’m not sure it will work. Only time can tell.

What have you been doing?

Write-30 No.30

Woman sitting on floor front of stage

Star Academy.

You have won a place at a world famous stage school. In your first lesson, you find out you must put together a performance with others for the end of the week. What will your show be like?  Will it be a success?

STUCK?   Try this story starter:
Jamie sat at the back of the classroom full of nerves. She had made it. She was at Richard Harris’ School of Performing Arts. Mrs Wilson, the black-cladded drama teacher coughed to get everyone’s attention.
‘Students, it may be your first week but it doesn’t mean you can start easy. We expect high standards and believe students must hit the ground running if they are to achieve all they can achieve. So, this week you must form groups of four and put on a performance in the main auditorium. It can be a dance, a play extract, a song, a mixture of the three. You will be graded on the results. It’s over to you.’
Jamie sat stunned. She hardly knew anyone there. How would she form a group? And would she be good enough?

What happens next?

DID YOU KNOW? There is a series of books about a girl who goes to stage school but really wants to practise her circus skills. It is called Olivia’s First Term by Lyn Gardner.

What is Write – 30?
Write – 30 is a daily activity where you write non-stop for twenty minutes then check and edit your work for 10 minutes. You will be asked to write about different subjects and in different forms.

The writing should be done on lined paper in pencil if possible. Edit and check the work in pen. If you don’t have paper and pencil, use what you can. Even a computer.

Finding it difficult? What you can do to help:

  • Always sit/work in the same place
  • Always use the same writing tools
  • Always turn the TV off
  • No talking – it distracts thinking
  • Always listen to the same piece of classical music when writing.
  • Always set yourself a goal: count the number of words. Try to beat that number the following day.