Creative Writing Workshops

I’m pleased to be offering these writing workshop sessions for 7-11 year olds next week at my favourite book shop, the All Good Bookshop in Turnpike Lane.

Each session will be different focusing on a topic that leads into a story or poem.
That means you can book one day or all four. Children don’t need to bring anything as paper and pencils will be provided. If you want to pack a snack for them, that’s fine just no nuts please.

Sessions last an hour from 10:30 to 11:30am Monday to Thursday.

I have been DBS checked.

You can book here:

Cool Poetry

Some sessions focused on poetry using a refrain about a friend who is an alien monster. The children produced some cool poetry.

Aurelia’s Poem
Aurelia’s Poem

Odd Bod

My friend is a little bit odd
He has the most unusual bod

His legs are so spindly and long
His face is black as soot
As for his hair
Well he just doesn’t care

My friend is a little bit odd
He has the most usual bod

He smells so bad
He has big ears
Eats so viciously
And out of his head
Comes antennas so big


My friend is a little bit odd
He has the most unusual bod

He was eating all the maths books at 9:54
Can’t show his head because it’s dusty
In a certain way
Because he’s old

My friend is a little bit odd
He has the most unusual bod

He is so bad at brushing his hair
He looks like a wild bear
He can’t bear it
He can’t say his prayers


2022 and all that

Well, 2022 brought a number of changes which impacted on what I write here. I have been submitting a new novel for consideration. But primarily, I have been writing a lot of prose-poetry. This has led me to the new outlet for my writing of Spoken Word.

What is Spoken Word?

Spoken word is when you perform any piece of writing to a group of people. It is often poetry but can be a story, monologue, or something else. It is quite flexible as to format.

Due to writing a lot of prose-poetry and sharing at my favourite writing group, I was encouraged to attend a Spoken Word night. I went along, sat, watched, then thought: I want to set up one of those. And where better than my favourite bookshop in my local area. So far they have been going well and I have been exposed to some great fresh writing that excites me and always leaves me thinking. Such a variety is on offer. All unique voices that should be heard.

Children love Spoken Word and enjoy writing poetry so it is a great thing to do for World Book Week. Why not start by enjoying watching some Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, John Hegley, Kate Tempest, or Anthony Joseph?

As well as Spoken Word, I have been plotting and writing another one. I have changed my approach and audience for it. I’m venturing somewhere new. It is challenging and exciting. I’m trying to apply some of the approaches I use for my prose-poetry to the novel writing. I’m not sure it will work. Only time can tell.

What have you been doing?

POEM: Pages

We’re going on an adventure
Through tall trees and over mountains
Past great creatures in fields
And in taverns littered with gold

We’re going on an adventure
Across wide rivers with sea serpents
Through boggy lands where monsters hide
Two brave heroes with armour of foil

We’re going on an adventure
Across plains of racing dinosaurs
Past cavemen crouching over fires
With our jam sandwiches in our packs

We’re going on an adventure
Under the three moons of Mars
Zooming across the planet on jets
Eating protein pills for energy.

I love books and the imaginary worlds they can offer. This poem is about that.