Book Launch


To promote the launch of my book 
Wishbone Billy the marvellous people at Big green Bookshop, Brampton Park Road, Wood Green, London will be hosting my book launch.

The event will be taking place on Sunday 16th July from 3pm to 5pm.

You are all welcome to come join me and have some nibbles and drink while listening to part of the book. I will even answer questions if you have any.

Look forward to seeing you there.

big green book shop


POEM: Teacher says…



Teacher says
my writing is not very good
But I dream of slaying serpents
with a dappled sword of light

Teacher says
I should use more connectives
But I search the fathoms of Hades
for the last souls of the unforgiven

Teacher says
it would be better with subordinate clauses
But I dance with moonlight maidens
on an ocean of stardust from Mars

Teacher says
my work lacks imagination
But I journey home, sword broken
and the beast of burden victorious

POEM: Daddies Soljers








I can touch the sky

On my daddies soljors

I can soar and fly

On my daddies soljors

Taller than everyone

On my daddies soljors

I kiss the sun

On my daddies soljors

Hair touches clouds

On my daddies soljors

Noisy and loud

On my daddies soljors

Journey over soon

On my daddies soljors

Not reached the moon

On my daddies soljors



POEM: Word Doodle

Words flutter
dance and jump
leaving magic trails
or distorted traces
but I don’t write
I just doodle with words
an idea unfinished
a thought half-remembered
a torrent of vocabulary
tumbling and crashing
fighting to be noticed
but I don’t write
I just doodle with words
a tale incomplete
distracted characters
in incomplete worlds
aimlessly wandering
a canvas waiting
the final brush
perhaps painting-by-numbers
is my thing?
I don’t write
I just doodle



Little Brother entered house
said he found
some chocolate
delicious chocolate
covered from head to foot
in sticky brown
beautiful chocolate
heavenly chocolate
licked his fingers
one to ten
melted chocolate
that sweet chocolate
a dreadful smell around
just like a dog pen
nothing like chocolate
it wasn’t chocolate!